The Best Places to Get Ribs in Springfield

June 15, 2018

Good ribs can be hard to find, but not in Springfield. We have a barbecue smorgasbord at our disposal on a daily basis and many of them do ribs the right way. The fall-off-the-bone-when-you-pick-it-up way. Here are some of the very best places in town to get a rack of ribs that will blow your mind!

Rib Shack

Highlights info row image 2963 E Chestnut Expy

Highlights info row image (417) 831-2144


It’s right there in the name. This place is known for its ribs. They have a super-friendly staff that will always leave you smiling, too. The owners are usually on hand and they’ll chat you up in line about football (they’re Packers fans), food or just how your day is going. If you’re looking for a deal, check them out on Wednesdays when they have a rib dinner special with two sides for just $9.99. Trust us, it’s worth every penny.

Pappy’s Place

Highlights info row image 943 N Main Ave
Highlights info row image (417) 866-8744


Pappy’s is a north side favorite and the longest continuously running restaurant in town, according to their Facebook page. It all started back in 1926 with George and Mary Bills serving cafe-style food to cater to people with relatives at St. John’s (now Mercy) Hospital. Paul and Dorothy Ankrom changed gears in 1970 when the officially opened Pappy’s and they’ve been dishing up delicious ribs ever since. It’s an old fashioned place that prides itself on good food, good drinks and divine company.

City Butcher

Highlights info row image 3650 S Campbell Ave
Highlights info row image (417) 720-1113
St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright loves City Butcher and you should too. Since opening in 2014, City Butcher quickly became the most celebrated barbecue joint in town. It’s taken home countless awards and consistently ranks as one of the top restaurants overall in Springfield. Obviously, it’s because of the meat that they’ve been so popular. Don’t sleep on the ribs, even when the Pigbird sandwich is calling. Like all the cuts they do, the ribs are exquisite.

Oscar’s Famous Ribs #21

Highlights info row image 3260 E Battlefield St
Highlights info row image (417) 880-2372


Located inside the Price Cutter on Battlefield, Oscar’s Famous Ribs has been perfecting its craft of melt-in-your-mouth ribs for more than 20 years. They do all sorts of barbecued foods, but ribs are the centerpiece. They slow cook their meats right out in front of the grocery store, also providing the free gift of delicious BBQ smells to everyone who shops there.

Crosstown Barbecue

Highlights info row image 1331 E Division St
Highlights info row image (417) 862-4646


People who’ve been in Springfield for a long time will no doubt remember the awesome jingle Crosstown debuted in the 90s. Every time that song comes on, mouths start to water all across the Ozarks. Crosstown is a third generation family-owned restaurant that has become a staple in Springfield due to its green hickory smoked meats and top notch customer service. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but those ribs are to die for!

Smokin’ Bobs

Highlights info row image 3309 E Sunshine St
Highlights info row image (417) 720-4925


Smokin’ Bob Carver has been a grilling enthusiast for more than 20 years. He started simply grilling in his backyard for friends and family, but soon realized his cooking was good enough to sell to the public. Three years ago, he started a food truck first and it became popular very quickly. The demand grew so quickly that Carver decided to open a brick and mortar restaurant. He’s been slinging ribs to barbecue lovers from the Sunshine location ever since.

Bubba’s BBQ

Highlights info row image 504 NW Bypass

Highlights info row image (417) 368-0039


Bubba’s is the new kid on the block in the Springfield barbecue game. They won Best of the Ozarks last year for new restaurant and for ribs. So, what they might lack in longevity they make up for in good ribs. Fans of Bubba’s hail it as the best barbecue in town, a lofty title, but one that is gaining steam. You can always spot Bubba’s at its West Bypass location because of the locomotive-themed pit in the parking lot. If it’s smokin’, there’s barbecue to eat!

Lost Signal Brewing Company

Highlights info row image610 W College St

Highlights info row image(417) 869-4755

 Another new kid on the block, Lost Signal might be best known for being a big part of the surge of breweries that have popped up in Springfield, but its barbecue is worthy of some recognition as well. In addition to making hand crafted brews, Lost Signal is adept at slow cooking some seriously good meats. It’s located in the heart of downtown on Historic Route 66 and you can always spot it because of the light tower above the restaurant.

Whole Hog Cafe

Highlights info row image 224 West Sunshine Street & 2731 North Glenstone

Highlights info row image (417) 868-0042


The first thing you’ll notice if you visit a Whole Hog Cafe is the mass of trophies lining the walls of the place. That’s always a good sign, but for Whole Hog is really, really good. They’ve won the top honors in the world famous Memphis in May barbecue championships three times! If that’s not an endorsement of the quality of the food, we don’t know what is! Now with two locations in Springfield, there’s even more chances to get some award-winning ‘cue in the Queen City.


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