7 Places to Get Awesome Thai Food in Springfield

February 26, 2019

As Springfield continues to blossom in the foodie world, we’ve noticed a sneaky good Thai subculture starting to take shape in town. People have really begun to appreciate the aromatic, colorful and simple style of Thai cuisine in and around Springfield. We started looking into this genre of food in town and were surprised how many options its fans have to choose from. We thought we’d share a few places in town to enjoy a tasty Thai plate.

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Rama Thai doordash-squarelogo-1516170457276

1129 East Walnut St.

Nestled into an absolutely adorable historic home on Walnut, Rama Thai is a totally unique dining experience. It mixes the authenticities of a traditional Thai meal and the local charm of downtown Springfield. It certainly helps that the food is to die for. They have menu items for everyone, too. For folks who are a little timid about trying Thai, there are mild dishes that mirror American tastes and for the connoisseurs out there, Rama Thai has a firm grip on the flavors to share with you.

Everyday Thai doordash-squarelogo-1516170457276

2926 S. Campbell Ave

If you had to eat the same food everyday, you couldn’t do much better than Everyday Thai. It burst onto the scene in 2018. They’ve been on fire ever since. The restaurant, led by chef Thippawan Shutts, already has some serious accolades under its belt. It was recently named one of Yelp’s Top 100 restaurants, and for good reason. They have a delicous and customizable menu that allows diners to choose the amount of heat they’d like in nearly every dish. Their fans rave about the great service and authentic flavors on the menu.

Thai Express doordash-squarelogo-1516170457276

948 S Glenstone Ave

A Thai restaurant with a drive thru? Genius! If you need a quick fix of Thai Express’s best selling red curry, you can easily pick some up and munch on it with your Netflixing. If curry isn’t your thing, try the magic noodles, crab rangoon, ginger chicken, all of which are generous helpings of traditional goodness.

Thai Basil

1411 E Sunshine Street


Formerly known as Thai Peppers, this rebranded restaurant is being passed down a generation. The current owners are taking over for their folks and have decided a new name would be best to change the guard. The original was known for its proclivity of spice and the new owners have made it clear that they’ll keep the heat on.

Tong’s Thai doordash-squarelogo-1516170457276

3454 South Campbell Ave

For nearly 20 years, Tong Trithara has been sharing his take on Thai cuisine with the people of Springfield from his South Campbell restaurant. HE can also be counted on to share his story with diners and to provide a first class dining experience. Tong’s has racked up many fans over the past two decades and they sing the praises of the friendly staff and the authentic dishes.


The Wheelhouse is certainly one of Springfield’s favorite food trucks. They do a really unique blend of Thai and Mexican cuisine, so you can get a burrito and some pad thai-style noodles in the same sitting. They have something for everyone!


4728 S Campbell Ave

Tasia, AKA Taste of Asia is conveniently located on south Campbell. They’ve got basically any kind of Asian dish you can think of, including some delicious Thai options. This is a great spot to get a ton of variety. You can keep coming back and get something different every time, without spending a ton of money!


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