6 Things You Need To Know Before You Take Your First Uber

November 15, 2016

Uber is coming to Springfield! Yesterday, the Springfield City Council approved a bill that will pave the way (pardon the pun) for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.  This has been a topic of conversation among Springfield residents for months now and a lot of people are really excited about the new way to get around the Queen City.



  With Uber, you’ll be able to hail a ride with your phone to go anywhere in the city.  Payments are designed to be easy, storing a credit card in the app.  The services are also designed to have very short wait times for a ride.  Uber plans to employ a hefty fleet of drivers to provide a quick response to ride requests.    

So, here are 6 things you need to know about getting a ride with Uber.



#1 The drivers are locals


  Uber employs people in the communities in which they serve.  The Springfield News-Leader interviewed one such driver that is planning on becoming an Uber driver.  Some on city council believe this will be a great way to create jobs in our community.        


  #2 You have to sign up on the app

You must create an account to use Uber.  It’s an easy process to finish, but it’s not something you’d want to do at the moment you need a ride.  If you’re planning on using Uber, go ahead and create your account now so you can get a ride quickly when you need it!



#3 Tipping is not required (but you can still do it)


 The rides are designed to be cheaper than a traditional taxi, though it may not always work out that way.  The drivers are providing a valuable service and a gratuity for a job well done is always a nice thing to do.  Uber is intended to be a purely digital experience, requiring no paper money.  The app doesn’t allow for a tip to be added, so tipping is not a requirement.  If you decide to tip, the driver is allowed to accept. 


#4 Ratings are important

With the Uber app, you can rate drivers to give others an idea of how good you thought the driver was.   These ratings help to give drivers credibility in the app and other riders an idea of what to expect from their driver.  If your driver shows up on time and gets you where you need to go, give them a good rating! It helps them out a lot.  If you don’t have a good experience, you can tell others about your experience. Hopefully, this helps to encourage great service.   You can also check out your driver’s profile to do a little pre-ride research.  



  #5  You can schedule a ride for later

Uber is intended to be an on-demand service, but you can schedule a ride within a 15-minute window for another time using the schedule feature.  So, you could schedule your rides to work ahead of time to save yourself the added stress of calling for a ride each time you need one.  QAdTsSj8TOOWzlyLn3Rg_14248396556_aefcd9a926_o


#6 If you cancel a ride, expect a fee

If you change your mind about needing a ride, you’ll still be charged a small fee to recoup the costs of sending out a driver.  It’s  $5-$10 in most cases. Not every cancellation incurs a penalty, but just be sure you need a ride and you won’t have a care in the world!


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