10 Under The Radar Foodie Hotspots in the Ozarks

January 25, 2019

We’re in the midst of a great foodie revolution in the Ozarks. Great new restaurants have been emerging all across Southwest Missouri for several years and people are starting to notice. It’s fun to try the newest spots in town and take part in the burgeoning food scene, but some of the longtime eateries in Southwest Missouri can get lost in the shuffle. We’re going to take a look at some awesome Ozarks restaurants that have been dishing out greatness for many years that you have to cross off your list of places to try or revisit between new spots!

Everyday Thai

2926 S. Campbell Ave
(417) 770-0147

Originally a food truck at Fort Leonard Wood, Everyday Thai made the jump into Springfield in 2018. They’ve been on fire ever since. The restaurant, led by chef Thippawan Shutts, already has some serious accolades under its belt. It was recently named one of Yelp’s Top 100 restaurants, and for good reason. They have a delicous and customizable menu that allows diners to choose the amount of heat they’d like in nearly every dish. Their fans rave about the great service and authentic flavors on the menu.

Antojos Tacos y Mas

1342 W. Sunshine St
(417) 755-7934

If you’re a connoisseur of authentic dishes from Latin America, Antojos might be just the spot for you. The owners want to challenge the notion of “Mexican food” as we colloquially refer to it in the Ozarks. They have made it a point to create recipes from many different countries south of the border, including handed down family recipes from their native El Salvador.

Pho Kim

3433 S Campbell Ave
(417) 883-9999

Pho Kim prides itself on practicing Midwestern hospitality and traditional, fresh Vietnamese cuisine. It’s readily apparent any time you step into the restaurant. The staff is always happy to see you and the food is perfect any time of year. During the cold season there’s few dishes better to warm your soul than a hearty bowl of Pho. They have plenty of variety to fit your tastes and we’re betting you won’t leave hungry!

Soo’s Korean

3644 S Campbell Ave
(417) 889-2220


This authentic Korean restaurant is tucked in to the Kickapoo Corners Shopping Center on south Campbell. The signature dishes include Korean classics like bibimap and bulgogi, but the real fun is in shareable plates. If you go with a group or even just a partner, you can order tons of different small plates to try.


1510 N. National
(417) 402-9307

This northside favorite is easy to spot from the road with it’s vibrant paint colors. The food is just as colorful with a wide ranging menu. They’ve got all the staples of a great Mexican restaurant and a few unique items too. If you’re looking for something new to try, we suggest the papusas and the huaraches. Also, give the trompo a shot!

Mama’s Kitchen

206 N 1st St
Ozark, Missouri
(417) 485-3330


Mama’s Kitchen in Ozark is the kind of place that you could eat at everyday of the week. There’s tons of variety, a comfy environment and amazing service. It’s a quintessential Ozarkian eatery. They have a robust menu, but they might be best known for their Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. Definitely worth a try the next time you’re hungry in Ozark!

Pappy’s Place

943 N Main Ave
(417) 866-8744


Pappy’s is a north side favorite and the longest continuously running restaurant in town, according to their Facebook page. It all started back in 1926 with George and Mary Bills serving cafe-style food to cater to people with relatives at St. John’s (now Mercy) Hospital. Paul and Dorothy Ankrom changed gears in 1970 when the officially opened Pappy’s and they’ve been dishing up delicious ribs ever since. It’s an old fashioned place that prides itself on good food, good drinks and divine company.

Jax and Gabe’s Pizzeria

1282 E Republic Rd
(417) 890-1311

Jax and Gabe’s is a favorite in our office. We’ve got several folks who frequent the Republic road pizzeria on a weekly basis. They love the calzones! If that’s not your jam, they’ve also got New York Style pizza that is really only correctly eaten when folded. In keepping with the New York theme, Jax and Gabe’s also specializes in Big Apple style hot dogs. There’s tons to love about this place and we can always tell when it’s a Jax and Gabe’s day by the smell of those sweet calzones!

Pancho’s Mexican Food

2110 S. Cambell Ave
(417) 885-9080

Let’s say it’s 1:00 a.m. You’re still up for whatever reason and your tummy is grumblin’. You could probably go to Taco Bell and rekindle your understanding of regret the next day. OR, you could go to an authentic Mexican restaurant that is locally owned! Pancho’s claim to fame is that they do take out 24 hours a day. Tacos at 3:00 a.m.? No problem. A burrito for breakfast, yep. It’s pretty great to always have access to fine Mexican cuisine in Springfield!

Reeds Spring Pizza Company

22065 Main St
Reeds Spring, Missouri

(417) 272-3507

The cooks at Reeds Spring Pizza Company are like mad scientists. The hit the lab and come up with completely unique flavor profiles and topping you wouldn’t normally expect on a pizza.  They’re anything but ordinary and a great place to stop on the way back from Branson!


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