A Dozen Pizzas in SWMO That Will Change Your Life

June 12, 2020

Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a pizza night. In Southwest Missouri, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant. We’ve got every style from St. Louis thin crust to floppy New York slices and even Chicago deep crust. We wanted to share a few pies with you that are so good, they might just change your life.

The Godfather at The Vineyard Market

1759 West St Hwy J in Ozark

This place is legit! We discovered it not too long ago here at the office and it’s been a hit ever since. Though technically called flatbreads, the pizzas at Ozark’s Vineyard Market are so incredible. It’s a soft, but firm crust that is crimped around the edges and they pack toppings all the way under the folded crust! The ingredients are unique, fresh, and flavorful. The Godfather is our favorite because it has a bit of everything, but they’ve got tons of different pies to choose from!

The Maggie at Vito’s Kitchen

307 S Jefferson Ave


Vito’s Kitchen in downtown Springfield is known for its super-friendly head Chef Vito Palmietto and his completely unique toppings. He’s used just about everything you can think of on a pie: pears, apples, Cheetos, shrimp. You name it, Vito’s has probably put it on a pizza. One of our favorites though, is the pizza he named after his wife. The Maggie is Vito’s take on a Margherita pizza and it’s incredible! Simple ingredients this time, but they really allow the hand-tossed crust to shine.

The Italian Stallion at MASO PIZZA BAR

3653 E. Sunshine St


Maso Pizza Bar is the creation of well-known Springfield restauranteur Nicola Gilardi. Not quite as swanky as his nearby namesake restaurant Nicola’s, Maso still has the fun-loving environment of Gilardi’s other joints and this time it is all about the pizza. We’re going with the Italian Stallion, but there are tons of great choices on the menu. This pizza features Italian sausage with fennel seed, pepperoni, prosciutto, black olive and oregano on top of a Havarti and mozzarella blend. So good!

The Mexicana at Pappo’s

221 East Walnut St or 900 E. Battlefield Rd. Ste. 176


PaPPo’s calling card is variety. They have so many interesting flavor combinations! One of our favorites is the Mexicana. They do this style so well and for those of us that eat with our eyes first, this pizza is a perfect ten. The base of the pie is called Melissa’s fresh homemade salsa sauce. On top of that is mozzarella cheese, red onions, ground chuck, black olives, jalapenos & cheddar cheese. After baking the pizza they add salsa, lettuce, and crushed tortilla chips on top. To finish it off, they drizzle it with Mexican Crema Sauce.

The Bear Pie at McSalty’s Pizza

1550 E Battlefield St


One of the longest-running local pizza places in Springfield, McSalty’s is famous for its whole wheat crust. The go-to choice at McSalty’s has to be the Bear Pie, named for its former neighbor’s mascot. McSalty’s was originally in the building now occupied by Bambino’s just a short walk from Missouri State University.  The Bear Pie is a delicious combo of Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, black olive, onion, green pepper and mushroom. It’s also quite good with a bit of honey added to the edges of the crust!

Bacon Chicken Pizza at Metropolitan Grill

2931 E Battlefield St


Also known as the “Dean O Delight” this chicken-bacon pizza is a favorite of Metro goers. It also features the ever-popular Provel cheese (what Imo’s uses) and mozzarella on a fire-roasted tomato crust. It’s finished with a balsamic glaze, too. You can’t go wrong with this ‘za.


Classic Pepperoni at The Big Slice

1454 E Sunshine St or 4126 S Kansas Expressway Suite 112


Big Slice has the biggest pizzas in Springfield. These things are barely-fit-in-the-box big. It’s the perfect NY style slice that is best when folded in half. Our favorite is just a simple pepperoni. The cheese and floppy crust are the stars of the show here. And did we mention how really, really big they are?

Mr. G’s Favorite at Mr. G’s Chicago Pizza and Pub

202 1/2 N Commercial St in Branson


Though a bit of drive for Springfield folks, Branson’s Mr. G’s is super popular around our office. They specialize in deep dish, sauce-on-top, true Chicago style pizza. The house pizza is Mr. G’s Favorite. It’s loaded with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Onions, Mushroom, Black Olives, and sweet Green Peppers with two kinds of cheese. You will not leave hungry!

The Galline at Reeds Spring Pizza Co

22065 Main St in Reeds Spring


This one is totally worth the drive. Reeds Spring’s culinary crown jewel is widely celebrated all across southwest Missouri for its fun atmosphere and pure, bold flavors. The Galline is so unique and so Ozarkian. It comes at you with both a Basil Pesto and a house Blend Tomato Sauce with a mozzarella base. And they aren’t stingy with the toppings. They pile on the grilled chicken, bacon, tomato and shredded parmesan. The special ingredient though, is cashews! It may sound strange at first but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!


Anything at Pizza House

312 E Commercial St


We’ve conducted several unofficial polls over the years of Springfield’s favorite pizza and Pizza House usually comes out on top. They’ve been slinging pies since 1958. Now on Commercial Street, Pizza House has amazing specials for lunch and the best thin crust pizza in town.

The House Pizza at Arris’ Pizza

1332 E. Republic Rd


Rumor has it, Arris is Brad Pitt’s favorite restaurant in Springfield. It’s easy to see why. Arris has been a favorite of many Springfieldians for years. They serve amazing Greek-style pizza from their location on Republic road. The House pizza is incredible, offering Ground beef, Greek sausage, Pepperoni, red onions, green peppers, salami and mushrooms on a thin crust. The specials are great too!

The Chicken Carbonara at Garbo’s

2101 W Chesterfield Blvd, Ste C101



Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a photo of this one, so you’ll have to take our word for it: it’s so delicious! A pizza version of a classic Roman pasta, the Chicken Carbonara pizza features a creamy Alfredo sauce, chunks of chicken and real, crushed bacon. They also have one of the best big salads in town, making it a perfect place for a family dinner!





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