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Springfield Primrose West Office

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Professional Experience

Joe Atteberry was only six when his sister paid him four quarters a week to help his mom out by opening the door for the dairy cattle to enter the milking parlor on the family farm. He grew up in Webster County learning the value of hard work. He was driving a tractor at seven, baling hay, showing regis-tered Jersey cows at the county fair at twelve and at thirteen he worked for the neighbors for extra money. Joe has never been afraid of hard work.Not surprisingly he went on to get a college degree in agribusiness where he was able to study land, and what it takes to grow crops, and livestock on that land. Today he still has a love of land and the ownership of it. Just as importantly, he loves people. So it was natural for him to choose real estate as the way to help people and do something he is passionate about.Joe feels that in life you get back what you give out. So he has involved himself not only in real estate but in the church choir, and has reached out to those who have lost a spouse through death or divorce through work-shops he has co-directed. Raised with a large family, he feels blessed to have two children of his own, and a granddaughter. Whether it is listening or singing gospel music, traveling, hosting a barbeque in the back yard, playing with his grand-daughter, or hanging out with friends, he is happiest when he is with people.Besides his knowledge of land, Joe spent years helping people in all as-pects of the finance business and developing skills listening to people and really wanting to help them. He will skillfully listen to what your needs are and then find the property that matches what you want.Call Joe to talk to him about a home, a hobby or working farm, a foreclo-sure, or a piece of land. He is knowledgeable and he feels that nothing is more important to him than bringing your real estate dreams to reality. Hell be waiting to help you.

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