Photo of Jennifer Cox

Jennifer Cox


Springfield Primrose Office

1625 E. Primrose St.
Springfield, MO 65804

Professional Experience

Growing up locally on a multi-generational family farm, Jennifer learned the value of family and putting others first.  Jennifer’s family is and always has been very close and involved in each other’s lives. Family is ALWAYS first! Jennifer has continued the family-first lifestyle with her own husband and children.  This family-first influence permeates all of her interactions.

Jennifer’s hobbies and interests have always been associated with houses/homes, real estate, home improvements, home-building, and simply making her house a home.  Even when camping with her family, she insists on making her campsite as much like home as possible. She learned the hard way that when camping in bear country, bears can be attracted to nice candles.

Jennifer is eager to discover what people want in a home.  She naturally thinks through home-designs that really work for people based on their individual needs.  To work with Jennifer is like joining her extended family. When you’re family, family is ALWAYS first!

If you are looking for someone that will care about you and your family as you would then give Jennifer a call.  She will look forward to helping you.


  • Photo of 4094 East Washita Street

    4094 East Washita Street

    Residential|MLS# 60131483
    4 Bed| 3/0 Bath |3,150 Sq.Ft.

  • Photo of 1868 South White Oak Avenue

    1868 South White Oak Avenue

    Residential|MLS# 60135158
    3 Bed| 2/0 Bath |1,933 Sq.Ft.

  • Photo of 1922 East Maricopa Avenue

    1922 East Maricopa Avenue

    Residential|MLS# 60136962
    4 Bed| 2/0 Bath |1,619 Sq.Ft.