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Randy Cassidy


Springfield Primrose West Office

1615 E. Primrose St.
Springfield, MO 65804

Professional Experience

Randy grew up in poverty in Jacksonville, Florida as the youngest of seven children.  He spent his youth fishing, cast netting for shrimp, and exploring the St. Johns River.  The biggest influence in his life was to see the life that the Navy provided the service members at the Naval Air Station on the St. Johns River.  He dreamed of joining the military so that he could have a life like that. Randy enlisted in the U.S. Army when he was 18 and went into the Infantry.  His first duty station was Bamberg, Germany. While in Germany he traveled Europe with his wife and saw a lot of amazing things. Randy was deployed many times and excelled at being a soldier.  

After sustained wounds during combat operations in his military career, Randy was medically discharged from the Army in May 2005.  Randy had a tough time being medically discharged from the Army because he loved being a soldier. His wife helped him through some hard times and in 2007, they had a son.  Randy’s son was a great gift and he was happy to be a father and spend a lot of time with his son. Now his son is 10 years old, loves soccer, and has a 160 lbs. black German Shepherd as his constant companion.  

In his time in the military, the ARMY core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage took root.  He has taken those values to create a life that he is proud of. The reason that you want Randy Cassidy to work for you is that he will be a loyal realtor for you with a sense of selfless service to the duty of working towards your housing needs. His integrity will show respect for the life that you are building for your family and their needs. Randy moved back to the area in 2011.  Randy has taken the opportunity to become a realtor as his new focus. Randy is excited to be back working in the community and wants to help people to sell or buy a home. Give Randy Cassidy a call at 417-425-2602 or email at


Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Photo of 1404 North Sandy Creek Circle #2

    1404 North Sandy Creek Circle #2

    Residential|MLS# 60108034
    2 Bed| 2/0 Bath |1,464 Sq.Ft.

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    8330 North Ty Lewis Lane

    Residential|MLS# 60115049
    3 Bed| 2/0 Bath |1,437 Sq.Ft.

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    3 Bed| 2/0 Bath |1,641 Sq.Ft.